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Fiberglass Geogrid

Fiberglass geogrid is a new material for application of reinforcing road surfaces and base. It has the advantages of high longitudinal and horizontal strength.

Warp knitted Fiberglass Geogrid

Warp knitted fiberglass geogrid is woven by high tensile fiberglass filament. It is used on asphalt pavement, bituminous concrete pavement and railroad beds.

Polyester Fiber Cloth

Polyester Fiber Cloth incorporates a unique combination of advantages of glass fiber and polyester fiberglass fiber Polyester fiber strength and flexibility. Polyester fiber cloth is used in road.

Geogrid Installation

Here is the geogrid technology support of geogrid installation. The installation steps are excavate reinforced soil area, cut, install, secure, install next course and place backfill.

Working with Geogrid

Geogrid comes in large roll. The weight is available. Geogrid is often used in taller walls and the bottom portions of wall. The information of grid with corners and with curves are here.

Biaxial Tensile Plastic Geogrid

The biaxial tensile plastic geogrid is made with material of unidirectional tension plastic geogrid. This type geogrid is suitable for the roadbed with large area permanent load.

Unidirectional Tension Plastic Geogrid

Unidirectional tension plastic geogrid is superior to geogrid without tension. It is an ideal reinforced material for retraining wall, reinforced steep slope and railway, airport.

PET Geogrid

Polyester Geogrids are made from high strength polyester yarns coated with PVC materials for protection, which are used in ground stabilization and soil protection.

Curves with Geogrid

Curves with geogrids have inside curves geogrid and outside curves geogrids. And the processing of geogrid installation can be found.

Geogrid Reinforcing

Geogrid reinforcing is used for reinforcing segmental retaining walls with the features of flexible, very durable, and have long-term design strength.

Corners with Geogrid

Geogrid with corners is often used. Here is the installing geogrid with inside 90° corner and outside 90° corner. It is always installed with its strong direction.

Plastic Welding Grid

Plastic welded geogrid is a material, by adding anti-aging agent and other additives, by extrusion stretching into the rough surface of refined embossing.

Composite Geomembrane

Polyethylene composite geomembrane is a kind of impermeable membrane, the base material is terylene no woven textile, adopt single or multilayer different plastic membrane, shaped after multiplex heat treatment or laminating course.

Steel - Plastic Composite Geogrid

Steel - plastic composite geogrid is made by steel-plastic reinforced belt with new technology. This geogrid can bear capacity of the foundation.


Geocell is consisted in high intensity HDPE wide ribs, shaped in reticulation after welding hard. It has retractile performance, can be folded when transport, and fill stone material or concrete when extend it,


Huaan's Geonet is a biaxial/ biplanar geonet manufactured from high quality high density polyethylene resin. The rib formation of Huaan Geonet allows for high flow in both machine and cross machine directions.

Products List
  • Fiberglass Geogrid
  • Warp knitted Fiberglass Geogrid
  • Polyester Fiber Cloth
  • Geogrid Installation
  • Working with Geogrid
  • Biaxial Tensile Plastic Geogrid
  • Unidirectional Tension Plastic Geogrid
  • PET Geogrid
  • Curves with Geogrid
  • Geogrid Reinforcing
  • Corners with Geogrid
  • Plastic Welding Grid
  • Composite Geomembrane
  • Steel - Plastic Composite Geogrid
  • Geocell
  • Geonet
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    We consistent quality begins with our selection of raw materials and continues throughout the production process. It is our goal to provide our present and future customers with the finest geogrid products and service.