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Geogrid New Size

We provide various of sizes and materials geogrid, such as fiberglass geogrid, plastic geogrid, etc.

Here show geo grid new size:

Part No Slot Width Particle size fraction Net weight unpacked
Grid-40.00 40mm 80mm - 63mm 1.7kg
Grid-31.50 31.5mm 63mm - 50mm 1.8kg
Grid-25.00 25mm 50mm - 40mm 1.9kg
Grid-20.00 20mm 40mm - 31.5mm 2kg
Grid-16.00 16mm 31.5mm - 25mm 2.1kg
Grid-12.50 12.5mm 25mm - 20mm 2.2kg
Grid-10.00 10mm 20mm - 16mm 2.3kg
Grid-8.00 8mm 16mm - 12.5mm 2.5kg
Grid-6.30 6.3mm 12.5mm - 10mm 2.6kg
Grid-5.00 5mm 10mm - 8mm 2.8kg
Grid-4.00 4mm 8mm - 6.3mm 2.9kg
Grid-3.15 3.15mm 6.3mm - 5mm 3.1kg
Grid-2.50 2.5mm 5mm - 4mm 3.2kg
Geo Grid
Geo Grid

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Products List
  • Fiberglass Geogrid
  • Warp knitted Fiberglass Geogrid
  • Polyester Fiber Cloth
  • Geogrid Installation
  • Working with Geogrid
  • Biaxial Tensile Plastic Geogrid
  • Unidirectional Tension Plastic Geogrid
  • PET Geogrid
  • Curves with Geogrid
  • Geogrid Reinforcing
  • Corners with Geogrid
  • Plastic Welding Grid
  • Composite Geomembrane
  • Steel - Plastic Composite Geogrid
  • Geocell
  • Geonet
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    We consistent quality begins with our selection of raw materials and continues throughout the production process. It is our goal to provide our present and future customers with the finest geogrid products and service.