Geogrid and geocell are used for soil reinforcement and asphalt pavement reinforcement.

HuaAn Co. is an important production base of geogrid in China. Our products are made from fiberglass, high density polyethylene, steel and plastic materials. They are eco-friendly and green construction site materials, used in soil reinforcement, asphalt pavement reinforcement, drainage protection, wall retaining and slope stabilization in civil, railway ballast, construction and environmental engineering.

We have advanced inspection and geogrid equipment and can develop new products to meet the demand of market. In this web, you also can find technology, installation and specifications of our products.

Fiberglass geogrid is a new excellent material used for reinforcing road surface and base, it made by fiberglass filament, and covered by special solution. High longitudinal and horizontal strength, low elongation rate, anti-alkali and aging resistance, widely used in asphalt road surface, concrete road surface and reinforcing road base.

Geogrid reinforcement should be used for reinforcing segmental retaining walls whenever the retaining walls are higher than 3', or the retaining walls are created by moving soil to create additional usable space, or the retaining walls are being used to hold back soil around swimming pools.

Biaxial geogrid: This kind of material has high tension strength in both longitudinal and horizontal directions. This kind of structure provides a interlock system for the soil and is suitable for the improvement of roadbed with large area permanent load, such as treatment of soft soil foundation and reinforced earth structures.

Steel - plastic composite geogrid is made by steel-plastic reinforced belt with new technologies. The reinforced soil cushion increases the integral rigidity of the foundation in the scope of compressed layer, and facilitates the adjustment of foundation deformation.

Geocell is consisted in high intensity HDPE wide ribs, shaped in reticulation after welding hard. It has retractile performance, can be folded when transport, and fill stone material or concrete when extend it, formed a whole solid structure. It act as under lay, increase the bearing strength of groundwork, also can be used in slope as protecting framework.



  • Geogrid 100% PP, with anti-UV treatment, thickness 20 mm, MD/TD 43 kN/m - 20 kN/m, reinforced with galvanised (+PVC) grid mesh size 80 mm.
  • 0.3 mm thick HDPE sheet with a density of 0.95 gm/cm3, water absorption of 0.01% and Ultimate tensile strength of 30 MPa, highly flexible, resistance to corrosive environment to reduce water seepage.
  • Woven geotextile fabric 3 mm thickness for land fill site, in propylene material stabilized against short term UV degradation and against long term thermo- oxidation. It is inert to chemicals commonly encountered in leach ate and natural soils, and non- bio degradable, resistant to most soil chemicals and bacteria, unaffected by acids and alkaline. It shall also meet the following specifications: Tensile strength more than 35KN; UV resistance after 500 hrs of 70%; Water flow rate 36 Liters/min/m2 OR 4gal/min/sq ft.
  • Polyester woven geotextiles with tensile strenght along (MD) 100/150/200/400/600/800 kN/m, and tensile strenght across (CD) 50kN/m.
  • Geocell with three-dimensional structures, height 100mm and holes 35 cm.
  • Ocean blue colour woven geotextile used for under water, uv warranty for 5 years and without fading.

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