Composite Geomembrane

Polyethylene composite geomembrane is a kind of impermeable membrane, the base material is terylene no woven textile, adopt single or multilayer different plastic membrane, shaped after multiplex heat treatment or laminating course.

Composite Geomembrane
Composite Geomembrane Packing
No Item Index Allowable error, % -
1 Mass area ratio, g/m2 n accordance with the provisions of design or contract -10 -
2 Breath, cm same top -1.0 -
3 Fracture strength1), KN/m same top -5 Vertical and horizontal direction
4 Tearing elongation rate, % same top 30~100 Vertical and horizontal direction
5 Tear strength1), KN same top -8 Vertical and horizontal direction
6 CBR bursting strength, KN same top -5 -
7 Peeling strength2), N/cm 6 Not less than the standard Vertical and horizontal direction
8 Still water fast pressure, Mpa same top Not less than the standard -
9 Permeability coefficient, cm/s same top Comply with design requirements -
  • Strength requirements for common short fiber pinprick non-woven cloth/ polyethylene composite geomembrane are shown in Table.
  • The samples are considered to comply with the requirements if the peeling is hard to predict during the measurement, and the base material or membrane material breaks when the peeling strength fails to reach the provision.

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