Geogrid Reinforcing

Geogrids are flexible, synthetic meshes which are manufactured specifically for slope stabilization and earth retention. Grids are available in a variety of materials, sizes and strengths. They can be made of high tensile strength plastics or woven polyester yarns, and are typically packaged at the factory in rolls. The grids are rated by Long-Term Allowable Design Strength (LTADS) with values ranging from 500 to 3,000 pounds per linear foot (7.3 N/m to 43.8 N/m).

These products are flexible, very durable, and have long-term design strength. Geogrid reinforcing is designed to be used in conjunction with retaining wall block and soil to stabilize the mass behind the wall.

Geogrid reinforcing should be used (or may even be required) for reinforcing segmental retaining walls whenever the retaining walls are higher than 3', the retaining wall slopes, there are surcharges (any downward pressures imposed above the retaining wall level, such as parking areas, etc.), the retaining walls are created by moving soil to create additional usable space, or the retaining walls are being used to hold back soil around swimming pools. See Installing Geogrid Reinforcing for detailed installation instructions.

A roll of geogrid reinforcing on the white background.
Geogrid Reinforcing

Geogrid Reinforcing Applications

  • Base courses for road, railway, and airport construction.
  • Construction of access roads and transportation links.
  • Retaining structures and very steep banks.
  • Slope stabilization.
  • Noise-protection embankments.
  • Contaminated land reclamation.
  • Piled embankments.
  • Landfill construction.
  • Bridging of hollows and sink holes.

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