Plastic Welding Grid

A plastic welding grid on the white background.

Plastic welding grid

Plastic Welding grill is the company based on market demand, self-developed high-strength geogrid. Plastic welding geogrid is a polypropylene-based material, by adding anti-aging agent and other additives, by extrusion stretching into the rough surface of refined embossing of high-strength rib to rib by plane at right angles, by ultrasonic welding made its point of intersection. Applicable to reinforced earth retaining wall abutments, steep slopes, soft-based projects such as the reinforcement, reinforcement. Color of the product according to customer requirements.

Technical characteristics of products:

  1. high intensity.
  2. bending folding, good anti-fatigue, anti-corrosion, continuous rolling.
  3. and the role of soil friction force Yin large, wide application scope, it is suitable for high-load engineering use.
  4. the construction steel grille is more than safe, easy to scratch the workers.

The company's products a single ribs intensity range 2.5-20 KN, adjustable mesh size range 50-150 mm, intensity per square meter range from 50-400 KN.

LikeQuality Control

We consistent quality begins with our selection of raw materials and continues throughout the production process. It is our goal to provide our present and future customers with the finest geogrid products and service.

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